Thursday, June 18, 2009

Internet Access Through CDMA 1x

Even CDMA 1xRtt service is offering low speed, about 153 Kbps for downlink bandwidth, compare to 3G service, about 2.7 Mbps for downlink bandwidth, but this market can be underestimated and then leave the customers to get this services. The reason is there some obstacle to produced massive 3G handsets due to high cost for the Indonesian market. Moreover, it will need high investment to deploy 3G network massively due to there are so many new equipment should be installed in the GSM network to get wide area services. In addition, the minimum educational to customers that should be done by telecommunication operators which provide this service was made a common mistake that the 3G service is equal only to the video conference. As the result, 3G services are growing to slow compare to the investment should be prepared by operators to have this service.

Internet service by optimizing network existing is the alternative choice to meet customers requirement regarding the internet services. As mention previously, commonly, existing network infrastructures was deployed in Indonesia are focused to voice services which are based on GSM and CDMA network. This existing network actually useful for internet market to meet customers’ requirement due to right now internet service is costly and have small market in the personal or SOHO class. Cost of internet bandwidth is the main problem in Indonesia, internet lease line that should be provided by internet provider is very expensive. This is the reason by optimizing existing network to provide internet services is the right choice in Indonesia market right now

1xRtt vs GPRS

Even GSM network has been built early and CDMA network, but internet services provided by both network platforms has growth with different pattern. 1xRtt CDMA network has been introduced massively by some Indonesian’ CDMA operator such as PT. Bakrie Telecom and Mobile 8 compared to GSM operator in the same services. Generally, GSM operators focused to build voice market and internet services through the GPRS networks are as additional service. It is different with CDMA operators, through PDSN network they are trying to increase their customers in services, voice and internet services, even in some condition, internet services should place in the second option due to high occupancy in the RF network

Who is handling the service in both networks?

GSM network should deploy additional infrastructure to have this services in their network. They are SGSN, GGSN, AAA and others complementary devices (e.g. router, catalyst, proxy server), meanwhile in the CDMA network, they need to install PDSN, AAA and others complementary devices (e.g. router, catalyst, proxy server)
1. PDSN and SGSN are device that processing the PPP session from users, route the session to proper destination, giving IP Pool, dividing domain and connecting to each BSC through PCF address
2. GGSN is providing internet connection from SGSN to internet link
3. AAA is processing authentication, authorization and accounting. Billing processes are occurring here. For some comprehensive network, they provide separate billing system instead of AAA
4. Others complementary devices such as, router, catalyst, proxy server are additional devices to process the routing to the network, proxy server etc

The products that have been produced massively by PT Bakrie Telecom to the market are WIMODE and WIFONE. WIMODE is modem devices to access internet services in the 1xRtt network. It means the customer should attach the modems to PC or laptop to make PPP session then connect to internet service. Meanwhile WIFONE is terminal that has a modem feature so user can connect to the PC or Laptop to access internet service. Both products are the pioneer of internet service that has been produces massively to the market. More than a hundred thousand both product has been in the market and received well response from customers
It is a challenge for telecommunication operators to provide internet service through their networks. And the important thing is providing internet service with low cost for Indonesian market.

How about their speed?

1xRtt network have downlink bandwidth capacity around 153 Kbps, this much bandwidth are share to any subscribers who want to access internet service at the same time. The occupancy of the RF channel is another factor that contributed the access speed. The more users access the network to access voice and data that is means huge users occupied the RF channel than the more slow speed they will receive. The optimization can be done to guarantee the fastest speed is allocating the IMSI to have highest Quality of PI in the HLR. But this maximum speed will happen if only if the channel frequency is occupied by fewer users or many of them are idle. Both WIMODE and WIFONE are configured to have such highest QoSPI


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