Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How do you charge your customers?

The more variety of products was offered, the more benefits will get. Based on this statement, many services are available right now in the Indonesia mobile telecommunication market. It has been more than two years since some new mobile telecommunications with CDMA or 3G platforms were offering many services to get significant total number of customers. They compete to get a credit from customers and their product will become customer’s choice. Many kind of strategic and product was created in order to get more benefit. One bye one and day by day, new product and strategic are coming and going, they are selected by market. In the beginning, low cost is a main consideration for customers to choose the product for their needs. But right now the quality is first priority since almost all operators; about 10 GSM and CDMA operators are offering the same, low cost to make a call to the same operators.
Varieties of the charging mechanism are happening in the many services including download content that can be change anytime depend on the market request or the same services offered by competitors
There many kinds of charging mechanism in the download contents services. Based on the type of contents they can be divided into:

1.Periodic charging per certain duration time ( daily, weekly, monthly and so on)
In this charging, customer have to pay of a mount of money after the application to be a receiver a content has been approved by provider (operator). Once it is approved they will charged a one then receiving content for few days. After those days are passed, operator will offer the same content for next few days and then recharged the same price. Customers can stop be a receiver of content by submit a un-registration form to cancel to receiving more same content. If customers forgot to submit this request at the time when first period finished then it is supposed customers agree to extend a application then customer will be charged and will receive the same content for one next period

2.Based on price per content
In this charging mechanism, customers do not need to submit an application to receive content. A charging will be given once they try to download a content they want. A price is given based on a type of content, different type and size have different price. It is possible to have different price to each contents. Customers are permitted to look at to the contents available before they decide to buy them. Once they interested to buy one or more contents, the charging are occurring when customers push the download bottom. Contents are received by downloading process.

Here is the sample of both charging mechanism in the CDMA network that have been introduced to the market:

By submit to all above services provided by those bundling handsets, customers will receive content periodically for a certain period time (example; one payment for a week). Submission can done by push a menu that available in the handset and follow the next step. It is a simple steps and procedure to register this content service. Once customers decide to stop to receive this content, customers just need to submit un-register form that available in the menu as well. Periodic content can be accessed by customers by push a content menu that is available in the handsets once registration form is succeeded. Customers can browse the content anytime and as much they want during this submission period deducted each time the customers submit a subscription form to receive this content
Charging will happen once the submission accepted by provider and customers have enough balance

It is different with the previous services, ESIA SHOP provide a download content that can be accessed through the same handsets. Both ESIA SHOP and periodic content service are available in the same handset and the menus to do both are already available inside the handset. A one stop service has been prepared inside these handsets. By pushing a download menu, customers can see much kind of contents offered by provider and can by one or more those by push download bottom in the each content. Price and simple description are given in the each content before customers decide to buy it. Once customers push this bottom, charging are happening and downloading process as well. If customers have low balance, they will receive this notification and download process will fail. And if balance is enough for one content, download process will continue until the content receive by customers in their handsets.

Both charging mechanisms are used to use by content provider or operators to charge the customers during receiving their download content services. Both mechanisms has been applied by PT Bakrie Telecom in many their value added services products based on BREW application they have. Their products are ESIA HIDAYAH, ESIA KASIH, ESIA FU, ESIA SHOP.

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